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If you haven't already noticed, we are running our Super Summer Sale 2014 with Shade Basic for only $49, and upgrades at 50% off.

What is especially interesting is that we are offering a competitive upgrade offer for Shade Pro for folks coming from the following products:

  • Carrara (regular and Pro)
  • Silo
  • Strata
  • Cinema 4D
  • Softimage

Help us spread the word! There are some folks out there using some of these competing products who are dispirited over the lack of a future. We want to give them one with Shade 3D!

Please note that if you opt for the competitive upgrade you have to provide some sort of ownership proof. A receipt, photo of a disk pack, etc, they all work. Just send them in via the Support system.
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G Wald Accepted Answer
$50 is a bargin for basic!
Just wish I could run it on my old (2009) hardware :(
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