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Dear Friends of Shade:

The Mirye Software team announces that our official support for Shade, the modeling, rendering and animation software is coming to an end.

Please read the following carefully and soon as there are some limits on your ability to download Shade. This note will also be removed on the final day of our support for Shade 3D.

Our History with Shade

You may well be surprised that our love of Shade began over 5,000 miles away in Japan in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Two of our team members were living in Japan and first became familiar with Shade while there.

There was a brief time during this period that then owner Expression Tools shipped Shade in English.

After the formation of our parent company in the late 1990s, we began negotiations with then owner Expression Tools to sell Shade in English again. Shortly thereafter, Shade was acquired by E Frontier, and many staff members moved from Expression Tools to E Frontier.

We stayed in contact with our friends, then at E Frontier. By happy and sad coincidence, we introduced E Frontier to Poser and Curious Labs and, soon E Frontier America was born after E Frontier bought Poser and related products. Shade returned to being published in English.

E Frontier America shipped a few versions of Shade, plus a few versions of a much improved Poser. Content Paradise flourished.

E Frontier for its own reasons sold E Frontier America to Smith Micro, including all assets that belonged to E Frontier America. That didn't include Shade though; Smith Micro kept selling it. Now for a bit of our history with Shade:

In 2009, our parent company concluded an agreement with E Frontier in Japan to republish Shade in English, beginning with Shade 9 in January of 2009.

  • We shipped Mirye Shade 10 E in 2010
  • We shipped Mirye Shade 12 E in 2011
  • We shipped Mirye Shade 13 E in 2012
  • We shipped Mirye Shade 3D ver 14 E in August, 2013
  • In late 2013, we were informed of the sale of Shade 3D to a then forming company Shade 3D Co. Ltd in Japan, under CEO Mark Karpeles
  • We shipped Mirye Shade 3D ver 14 E 14.1 shipped in late March, 2014
  • We shipped Mirye Shade 3D ver 14 E 14.2 shipped in June, 2014
  • In December 2014, we are closing our chapter in the history of Shade

Mirye Software is not closing as a result of this. Mirye Software is no longer publishing Shade 3D.

What This Means for Users

Please read the following section as it directly impacts you as a user.

Downloads are ENDING

If you are a user of Shade, you have a very limited time to re-download Shade through Mirye Software. Shade 3D (including previous versions and Shade 3D ver 14) downloads will cease on December 15, 2014.

Sales are ENDING

All sales are ending along with download distribution.

Official Support is ENDING

Mirye Software will no longer officially support Shade. We will maintain our Shade forums as long as we can, but any Mirye Software staff participation there is voluntary. We encourage you to look at the following venues:

What This Means for Us - You and Mirye

Over the last five years, the Mirye Software team has had a direct influence on the direction of Shade. We are proud of our involvement in the history of Shade. We got more reviews of Shade and more partnerships involving Shade than all of our predecessors. Plus, we got the English speaking user base directly involved in making Shade a better product.

We thank you warmly for your involvement and support. Shade would not be the product it is today without your involvement.

Some members of the Mirye Software team will still be active as Shade users, so you haven't heard the last of us.

We also have partnered with Fluid Interactive to bring Shade support to FluidRay RT Real Time Renderer,which you can also purchase through us. If you are missing the long lost Callisto renderer, you should check it out.